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A Aa Telugu Movie Review nithin samantha

Movie                  Rating
 A Aa            6.5/10

Movie Name :: A Aa (2016) 

Cast :: Nithin, Samantha Ruth Prabhu
Music :: Mickey J Meyer
Director :: Trivikram
Producer :: K.Radhakrishna

About Film ::

Anasuya Ramalingam (Samantha) is fed up her strict mother (Nadiya) that dictates and decides everything in her life. She attempts suicide but that doesn't change her mother's attitude. Anasuya yearns for a change from the routine life and her father (Naresh) sends her to her aunt's house. Anasuya meets her cousin Anand Vihari (Nithin) in the train and the ten days that she spends with his family changes Anasuya forever. Although she falls in love with Anand, he is already engaged to some other girl (Anupama). So how do Anasuya and Anand overcome all the hurdles and make their love successful forms rest of the story. 

Performance ::

 Nithin is perfect in the role of a boy next door with simple looks. He underplayed the character very well. His performance in the scene where he tells about the bad experience of his family to Samantha is superb. This is a tailor made character for him and he should be appreciated for taking up a story driven film that doesn't give much scope for his heroics.

Samantha :: 
After a very long time Samantha got a character that gives her ample scope to perform. She is extremely good as Anasuya Ramalingam, a girl caught in between her mother and lover. Anasuya will surely be remembered as one of her best characters ever.

Others ::
Anupama did alright. This character seems underdeveloped. Nadiya is apt as the strict and unapologetic mother. Naresh complemented her well with his decent portrayal as hen-pecked husband. Rao Ramesh steals the show yet again. Ajay is good. Praveen got a meaty character and he did well. Avasarala Srinivas, Ananya, Hariteja, Shakalaka Shankar are aptly cast. 

Analysis :: 

First look “A Aa” appears to be a clever rehash of Bommarillu movie at its core. The father-son relation from Bommarillu is replaced with the mother-daughter relation in this movie. Later, Trivikram’s magic start to show as a second layer of ‘family values’ and ‘village backdrop’ are weaved into the plot. Natarajan Subramaniam, the cinematographer, has well presented the Trivikram’s vision of village landscapes on celluloid. While cinematographer captured the geographical beauty, Trivikram has captured the beauty of the people and nativity so well. 

The audience will find like the feel good moments spread through the movie. However, do not expect Trivikram’s punch mark dialogues nor his trademark rib tickling comedy. There are good dialogues and one-liners but not of his previous works’ caliber. Screenplay wise it is pretty straight forward and scores good. Due to a single thread story, the second half of the movie is filled with routine scenes with lag. However, the climax more than makes up for it and the audience will come out of the theatre in a positive mood. All songs are situational, coming at appropriate timing and with good picturization. Rang De song stands out the best of the five songs.

Verdict :: 

A lovely flick and good Family entertainer 

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